The Food Babe’s Advice Could Actually Kill You

18922_1637305663156110_6558874080695737159_n“If the ‪#‎foodbabe‬ was just endorsing eating more fresh produce and a healthy diet, I’d be surprised if anybody had a problem with her. It’s a common misconception that I’m against healthy eating because I disagree with the Food Babe. Not even close to the truth.
She supports cancer treatments that have never been shown to work. People have died from eschewing conventional treatments. Her advice is dangerous.
-The Science Babe, found on her Facebook Page (emphasis mine)
PEOPLE ARE DYING. It’s not just frustrating that the Food Babe and others are peddling fake cancer cures, they’re promoting advice that can and does KILL PEOPLE.
Fake cancer cures result, at the least, in lost dollars spent on worthless “cures”. For some people this is a minor cost, but for others it’s far more. People have gone into debt or used up their life savings on these supposed treatments that don’t actually work. And some have eschewed real treatments for these fake ones- and they’ve paid the ultimate price for it.
Some people get better on their own. In this woman’s case, she had a 33% chance of getting better without real treatment. If she had survived, she would have claimed it was her “miracle cure”, even if that treatment had nothing to do with her recovery. Confirmation bias. But it didn’t work, just like real medical professionals knew it wouldn’t, and tragically she died. She could have doubled her chances of living- but because of these cancer cure scams, she died instead.
Why am I so against people like The Food Babe? Because she claims to be empowering people with knowledge, but in reality she’s using fear tactics and manipulation to spread her misinformation and willful ignorance. She claims to give them knowledge but is telling them things that could harm or even kill them. She puts her fans at risk and tells them lies in order to make money. And she’s somehow convinced millions that SHE is the one who’s been wronged, and that we shouldn’t trust experts in the field because chemists and nutritionists couldn’t possibly teach a computer engineer (her profession) anything about chemicals and healthy eating!
And what frustrates me the most is that there are people in my life who will believe anything she says, and if I dare to disagree, they will claim that I’m ignorant of the “true” facts and I’ve been “deceived” by Big Pharma. It’s like a cult, to be honest- as are many of these pseudoscience camps that people become obsessed with.