‘Great Precaution Not To Offend A Minister’: Couple Denied Marriage Explains Why They Chose A Judge (link)

“We took great precaution not to offend a minister — that’s why we went to a judge to get married, never dreaming that he couldn’t follow the law,” Wilson told WTOL. “That he wouldn’t follow the law.”

“To go through that experience when it’s not pleasant and singles you out at a time in your life when you’re celebrating the fact that you have the same right as everyone else, it’s just not good. I don’t want anyone else to go through it,” she added.

But of course, the religious right will never be satisfied. Most same-sex couples who want to marry aren’t asking clergy members they don’t know to marry them, to avoid awkward situations and out of respect for their religious beliefs.

But taxpayer employees of the state have, as written above, a legal duty and sworn oath to do their jobs, “faithfully and impartially.”

How much more are same-sex couples supposed to do to appease anti-gay activists and “Christians”?

What more does the religious right want?


So what more can we do? This couple specifically didn’t go to a church in order to not offend any clergy, and they were STILL faced with a religious person who refused to marry them, even though it was literally his job to do so.

This is the next stage of the LGBTQ movement for equality- making sure that state officials actually obey the law. State officials are NOT entitled to refuse service to anyone because of their personal beliefs- they are obligated to represent the law, not themselves, even when they personally disagree with the law. Any government official that cannot represent the law consistently should find a new profession, since they’re unable to fulfill their most basic duties which they swear to uphold.

Please Stop Using Our Rainbows to Bash Obama.


hqdefaultIt’s really frustrating to see people using our rainbow displays as an excuse to bash Obama. Can’t you just let us enjoy the fact that we’re finally being treated like human beings in the U.S. without making this all about you?

For us, the rainbow display on the White House means that FINALLY the U.S. is actually showing Liberty and Justice for All- not just for anti-gay Americans. Finally we have an Independence Day that we can actually feel like celebrating because it doesn’t feel like a giant lie. That Rainbow White House is the most patriotic thing Obama could have done this year- he’s given people like me a huge step towards freedom from tyranny and oppression, and that’s the heart of American patriotism isn’t it? Unless, of course, you’re on the side that views our personal freedom of choice as an attack on your religious views. I suppose those people would have a lot in common with the white people who hated Lincoln for freeing the slaves… black people being free certainly did infringe on their religious belief that they were justified in owning other human beings and treating them differently because of their skin color.

Please find another way to express your disgust of our nation’s president besides taking advantage of our symbols of hope and self acceptance to promote your hate of our nation’s leader, which is pretty damn unpatriotic in itself. (And as a bonus, if you are a Christian, the Bible says that God puts everyone in authority and you’re supposed to obey them. I’m not sure how demonizing and ridiculing our president lines up with Romans 13.)