Blaming God… Heresy or Rational Thinking?

Blaming God… Heresy or Rational Thinking?

I have heard many people say that they do not blame God for various things. I don’t believe he exists- but if he did, I would certainly be blaming him for a LOT of things! Here are a few of the ones I hear a lot and my rebuttals:

1. Their family and friends may be going to hell for eternal torment, leaving the person without their loved ones forever. But they don’t blame God for this.

Answer: Why WOULDN’T you blame God for this? He made the system, he gave you an immortal soul and then created the rules that would send your loved ones to hell, separating them from you. Regardless of why he made these rules or what part we have to play in them, he made the rules and he made the system- he could have made another way that didn’t require torment and separation of dissenters- so it IS his fault.

Picture this: A dictator makes a set of rules. “You have to follow all these rules perfectly or swear undying loyalty to me. If you don’t, you go to the concentration camps.” Some people can’t follow the rules but don’t want to serve him either because they don’t think he has the right to treat people this way, so into the concentration camps they go. Would you blame the dictator? After all, it was technically the peoples’ “choice” and “rebellion” that sent them there. But wasn’t it an unjust situation to begin with? Isn’t any suffering that results from this unjust system the dictator’s fault? And shouldn’t people have the right to leave that country if they want, and live somewhere that is less violent? But of course you don’t have that option with the God of the Bible… it’s his way or the highway, and screw anyone who doesn’t fall in line with his twisted system.

2. Suffering in the world is not God’s fault.

Answer: I’ve heard it before- sin entering the world is what causes bad things to happen, it’s not God’s fault, free will can’t be interfered with, etc. But that’s not really good enough, because he allowed sin to enter the world and he says he will answer prayer! So why does he ignore prayers to end world hunger but answer prayers to help you find your lost keys? Why would he interfere with free will to help you pass your math exam, but let free will reign when priests molest children or women are raped? It doesn’t make any sense. Either God is not capable of answering these prayers, or he is ignoring them. So yes, the suffering in this world IS his fault!

Even if he only answered prayers and didn’t fix anything that wasn’t specifically prayed for, the world would be a much better place within a few moments.

But it isn’t- so it’s his fault for not sticking to his own word. He is either a liar, impotent, or unjust in how he determines which prayers to answer. Or, maybe he doesn’t exist and it’s all random chance and the results of our actions. That’s what I believe- because it makes the most sense.

3. Evil came into the world through Adam and Eve’s sin, so the results of sin aren’t his fault.Answer: I could go into how silly the whole Adam and Eve story is, about how the tree was made to be very enticing instead of gross and he put it right in the middle of the garden with a tempting serpent as though God WANTED them to eat it and was setting them up- but let’s assume that he really didn’t want them to eat it and all of that is just silly coincidence. Here’s the problem:

I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.n—Isaiah 45:7

It’s pretty hard to get around that verse, although I’ve heard some pretty impressive verbal gymnastics making an attempt; I did it myself during my time in Bible college. But there’s not really any way around it- God made evil. He created evil, he knew beforehand that Satan would rebel, he knew about all the suffering- and yet he made evil anyway. And then he has the AUDACITY to PUNISH people for being evil?? What kind of sick being is this?!?!

So yes, if he exists, then he is FULLY responsible for any and all suffering that results from the evil he knowingly created. He is 100% responsible for every single person that he killed in the Old Testament or torments in hell for being evil because evil being in the world is HIS FAULT.