We’re Outcasts Because You Made us This Way.

I see that look of disgust or shock on your face when you’re faced with someone who is “unconventional”. But why? We didn’t choose to be unconventional. You chose that label for us. 

You create a gender binary and then exclude everyone who doesn’t fit in it. You’ve decided how men and women are supposed to express their gender, and judge those who don’t fit that narrow mould. 

You tell us that only one sexual orientation is natural and acceptable, and anyone who has other attractions is deviant and perverted. 

You tell us that monogamy is the only way to express and pursue love and affection, despite history and current families proving you wrong. 

You tell us that belief in the supernatural is the default, shaming and excluding those who believe differently. 

You tell us that only certain methods of sexual expression and platonic affection are appropriate, and then show your shock and disgust when we break your social taboos. 

You tell us that our creative self expression with our hair, clothes, body art, and mannerisms make us unfit for “civilized society”. 

You tell us that the pastimes and activities we enjoy are weird because you don’t personally like them. 

We are normal and beautiful people, but you call us strange, scary, weird or perverted because you believe that there is only one acceptable way to be human. You have given us a tragically narrow template to stuff ourselves in, and we have refused to cut off pieces of ourselves to fit within it. 

We are outcasts because you made us this way. We had a choice between fitting your mould and being ourselves, and we couldn’t make ourselves live a lie. Our potential and beauty is often overlooked because you cannot see past our differences. 

But society is slowly changing, and the outcasts are starting to take back their rightful place- no longer outcasts, but accepted, valuable members of society. 

To everyone who has been mistreated and ostracized for being different- we are building a better world by refusing to play by their rules, by refusing to hide our beautiful diversity. Your pain is not for nothing; the world is slowly catching up. Keep on being yourselves, and seek out people who understand just how truly valuable you are. 


2 thoughts on “We’re Outcasts Because You Made us This Way.

  1. I think belief in the supernatural is the default for humans, but I don’t think changing that belief over time is wrong. People fear what they do not understand and can not contro;. There is evidence for this going as far back into human history as we are able, and solid evolutionary reasoning behind it. Humans were not the top of the food chain until relatively recent times when we became really good at making weapons. We aren’t as fast, or as strong, or as equipped with natural weaponry as a bear, or dog, or big cat. Among predators, we got the brains, and opposable thumbs, and that is about it. Go back in time to the earliest human ancestors, and the dark was a scary place. What you couldn’t see, might be trying to kill and/or eat you. The better you understood why things happened, or how they happened, the better you could be controlling situations around that thing, and avoid negative outcomes. Now, extend that thinking…

    Death is awful, and uncontrollable, and people feel a need for it to server a purpose or have a meaning so that they can feel closure. This gives rise to a belief in an afterlife.

    Natural disasters are hard to predict even now, and the damage they can cause is awful. For most of human history, people had no way to explain an earthquake, a tidal wave, a hurricane, etc. What could cause such horrible things? Gods! Superior beings that watch over us and protect us when we are good, and punish us when we are bad.

    Gods also make explaining where things came from very easy: there are these gods, they got bored one day, and so they made the planet and everything on it. Eventually humans wanted to know what that process felt like, so they made Lego.

    This line of thinking can be extended to many things: urban legends, supernatural powers, monsters that hide in the dark, etc. etc. etc.

    Belief in these things is not wrong, and many myths do contain elements of truth. The point though is that belief in the supernatural is normal, and deeply ingrained, and part of human nature in many ways, BUT when things can be explained in other ways, ways rooted in logic and reason and testable hypotheses, then one’s thinking can (and often does) change. It is also possible to embrace both types of thinking in various ways to various degrees.

    Ultimately I don’t believe there is a “normal” society. Societies set their own norms which change over time. There will always be those who don’t “fit in”; however, I feel it is wrong to shame anyone based on their beliefs so long as those beliefs do not harm or shame other people.

    I would also add that I think exposure to other beliefs is important; it helps people to remember that there is more than one way to “be human”. There is no right or wrong way to exist in this world, and everyone must find the path in life that works best for them.

    • As long as people are not harming or bullying others, I don’t care whether they believe in the supernatural or not. I want peace and harmony in the world, not for everyone to think the same way.

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