GMO Labeling Will Hurt Farmers and Consumers

Biotech_GMO_InfographicA_Sept171Trying to convince you that GMO labeling is unnecessary is not the reason for this post. The need to write is to express my opinion about something I read prior to the elections regarding GMO labeling. A statement I recently read on a Facebook debate made me realize people don’t really understand what it will take to put that label on their box of Corn Flakes.

This farmer explains the process of getting grain ready to sell, and described what would have to change to add GMO labeling to food. It’s an excellent article, and it’s great to hear from an experienced farmer, so I highly recommend that you read the full article above before continuing.

Labeling GMO’s isn’t just as simple as slapping a label on it. It would require drastic changes to how farmers process crops and send them to market, resulting in more man hours and higher costs, which hurts the farmers and the consumers. It’s not just a label being put on food; it requires a completely different system that drastically increases the time and money that would be required to grow and sell these crops. I actually didn’t realize how much was involved in labeling until now.

Of course, maybe that’s what the organic industry wants. If they can bog non-organic farmers down with unnecessary costs and time delays, then more people will buy their organic food because they won’t be the “expensive option” anymore. See what’s happening here? They’re saying “label GMO’s!” because it’s a smart way to make their competitor’s have to charge more.

By the way, I’m mentioning the motives of the organics industry to make a point. Anti-GMO activists blame the Pro-GMO ccompanies for lying and manipulating things to boost their profits, but that’s exactly what the organic industry is doing here. They’ve found a very successful way to demonize GMO companies- they ask for labels, GMO companies know that requiring labels will hurt farmers and raise prices for consumers so they oppose it, Organic industry claims they have something to hide and are ashamed of their products. Well played, organic industry. Well played. Now no matter what pro GMO people do, they’re demonized. If they support labeling, then the eventual outrage of farmers and consumers about rising costs will make people hate them. If they oppose labeling, then people say they’re corrupt and hiding something. Either way, the organic industry wins: GMO’s will be less desirable to grow and buy because of unnecessary regulations and costs.

It reminds me a lot of anti-abortion extremists: If they can’t make abortion illegal, they’ll bog clinics and women down with unnecessary costs and hoops to jump through so it becomes difficult and stressful to even consider having an abortion. It’s a bullying tactic and a very effective marketing ploy by the organics industry. And believe me, they’re raking in the profits. Literally, as in they’re a billion dollar industry that thrives on scaring people away from anything non-organic.

GMO’s have been proven over and over again to be safe. Labels are there to warn us of potential dangers, and there are none. The overwhelming consensus of the scientific community is that the GMO’s currently approved are safe and nutritionally the same as their non-modified counterparts. It’s also true that approved, safe GMO’s are being opposed based on misinformation and efforts by the organic industry, resulting in preventable deaths and malnutrition in countries that could greatly benefit from these improved crops. People are literally dying because of anti-GMO activism. It’s not helping people, it’s hurting them! That’s why I blog on this issue, because NO ONE should have to starve or be denied better food just because some people have been misinformed.

If you accept the consensus of the scientific community on climate change, pollution statistics, evolution, and other scientific issues, why do you mistrust them on this issue? Why are you Pro Science on everything else but not this one issue? Either we can trust the consensus of the scientific community, or we can’t. And PLEASE stop calling anyone who supports Monsanto or is Pro GMO paid shills. That argument is offensive, tiring, and untrue, and it makes it look like you have no other argument except to attack our character or mental capacity to think for ourselves. I respect facts and science, not logical fallacies and offensive character assassination.

*disclaimer* I am not paid by Monsanto or any other company or industry. Never have been, never will be. As of this article’s posting date I don’t even make ad revenue on this blog, although I might use Google Ad-sense in the future to help financially (still no connection to Monsanto). I’m also not a scientist or a farmer. I’m just a blogger who actually listens to what the scientists are telling us, as they hit their heads against the walls in frustration as misinformation and pseudoscience runs rampant and real people around the world suffer as a result.


3 thoughts on “GMO Labeling Will Hurt Farmers and Consumers

  1. Thanks for the article. Nevertheless, I think all your points are off.

    If a food does not have “GMO”-free sign and it is in the category you mentioned, consider it is a GMO product. So labeling is not really needed. The problem is that big companies making GMO seeds are worried that their product will get the bad name they deserve (what would you call mixing a human and tomato DNA and feeding the derived tomato to a kid) and they will lose profit if labeling start- Its about money and less about anything else. Farmers know they buy GMO seeds so your saying it will take lots of effort to label is comical. Why don’t you specifically mention the needed extra work that will make food prices prohibitively expensive?

    How come there are few long-term studies on the term effect of GMO-food? Many studies typically last 3 months. A study done it France done for 2 years showed serious health issues as a result of GMO-food in animal models. I do not know of any detailed long term study in human quantifying the effects of GMO. Empirically, there is a marked increase in allergies and other health issues that slightly coincide with the rise of GMO-food. Are the scientist that were asked on Monsanto’s payroll? They would not say it is okay without data longer than 3 months to back up their claim unless..? Why would they say GMO is harmless when there has really little study on the effects of it over many years? GMO have been around over 20 years now.

    There are proven ways to grow food organically. The earth has fed trillions of non-humans living things for eons using organic methods. How come in the last 20 years there is a need to grow GMO-food along with supporting fertilizer and patents or the planet will starve or have malnutrition?

    Organic food industry makes billions. Non-organic food industry makes way more and controls the government. Who really is losing?

    Natural has done a wonderful job providing variety. Natural breeding is great too. GMO is about mixing things that would not naturally mix like a fish and a corn DNA. That is indeed a Frankenstein-experiment. That should not be hid from the public as big corporations would want. Just because eating something does not have immediate effect does not mean it does not have serious long term effect. Before GMO was forced down America’s throat via the public sheer ignorance, the government and FDA should of had supported more and legit studies on what GMO can do to humans, other living things and the planet LONG-TERM. But no, their head was in the rich GMO-companies wallet and guys like you with all due respect are drunk on their coolaid laced with vodka- without real evidence to the contrary.

    • Thanks for the response. I don’t think you read my article very thoroughly though, because the article I linked to in the beginning explained in detail how GMO labeling will raise prices for farmers and consumers.They’re the ones who will suffer most from the added expenses, not the GMO companies. I don’t give a crap about big corporations and their profits.

      There are almost 2,000 studies verifying the safety and nutritional equivalency of GMO’s with data going back several decades, plus studies of natural GMO’s that nature created millennia ago such as the sweet potato. Countless independent researchers have reviewed and verified these studies and the conclusions. The result? GMO’s are one of the most intensely studied food issues known to mankind. The scientific community has overwhelmingly verified the safety of GMO’s, and they have mountains of evidence to prove it. The idea that there aren’t enough studies to prove their safety is without merit, and is a deceitful smear tactic that can be proven wrong simply by reviewing the consensus of the scientific community on this matter. The science is all there, the proof is there, and scientists who actually work in these fields overwhelmingly support it. So please don’t tell me that there isn’t enough evidence, because I see more than enough to say that the GMO’s currently approved for the market are safe and beneficial. Future GMO’s will have to go through the same process.

      Human population is much larger than ever before in history, you can’t compare it to the past. Nature can only handle so much before a species uses up too many resources and either starves or kills off other species to survive. Countless species are extinct for this reason. Yes we could feed everyone using organic methods, but the sheer volume of farmland we’d need will damage the environment, and eventually we’d grow to big for that too. Organic food doesn’t produce as much volume as GMO food. Until organic can match GMO crop production rates, we need GMO’s to feed everyone without destroying the world we live in by cutting down our forests for additional farms.

      GMO’s are not doing anything unnatural. That’s propaganda and fear mongering, not science. All they’re doing is exactly what farmers do and nature does, except faster and much more efficiently in the lab so we don’t have to wait decades or thousands of years for better crops. Natural GMO’s occur in nature all the time, with foreign DNA inserting itself into plants (sweet potato did this 10,000 years ago and humans have thrived eating them, they weren’t as edible before). Now we can direct this process instead of waiting for nature to do it on its own in another 10,000 years, or for a farmer to develop a new crop in a few decades. It’s the same thing we do with countless other scientific advances, especially in the medical field.

      The fact that you called scientists “shills for Monsanto” tells me that you’ve gotten on board the paranoia train that is the anti-GMO movement. If you want to talk about this issue, please show me facts and not ravings of government conspiracies and scientists who would let one company change the entire consensus of the scientific community. These scientists are from around the world, not just the U.S., and many of them have devoted their lives to ending world hunger and saving lives. A few scientists could be bought, but the majority of the scientific community in many countries? Please, that’s bullshit. But the anti-GMO movement has no qualms implying that this is the case. I have no patience for that kind of fear mongering and anti-intellectualism. Show me facts, not insults against the scientific community.

    • I do appreciate you reading my article and replying. I’m just very turned off by people who claim scientists who don’t agree with their views must be shills for Monsanto. I have met scientists in fields that are often accused of conspiracies, and it completely discredits and invalidates their long hours of hard work trying to improve things and save lives. It’s horrible to talk about passionate humanitarian scientists that way, such as GMO scientists who are working hard to save lives and improve the quality of life for starving people overseas. So I have very little tolerance for people who use terms like “Monsanto’s shills”.

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