Being an “Independant Thinker” Means Following Your Parents. Plus Homeschool stuff.

Apparently being an “independent thinker” and “charting your own path” means “thinking just like your parents” and “replicating their path.” Apparently as soon as I actually headed out to build my own life and make my own choices I became a problem. For all that we were told how mature we were, the moment we made our own decisions independent from our parents we were treated as children who didn’t know any better.

YES!!!! The article is about homeschooling, and it makes excellent points on that issue too, but the above quote sums up what SO many people experience when they leave the religion of their parents. This also applies to political and social issues too, since becoming Pro Choice when your loved ones are passionately Pro Life is also not looked at kindly much of the time.

You can’t tell your loved ones that it’s good to think independently, then chastise or judge them for doing exactly that. We all have to find our own path through life- and that path may not look the same as our parents or friends or other loved ones.

No trolling, please! Genuine dialogue for the purpose of mutual understanding is appreciated; debates are not. General comments are welcome.

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