Franklin Graham Calls for Boycott of Pro-Equality Businesses, Shows “Christian Love”


Have you ever asked yourself–how can we fight the tide of moral decay that is being crammed down our throats by big business, the media, and the gay & lesbian community? Every day it is something else! Tiffany’s started advertising wedding rings for gay couples. Wells Fargo bank is using a same-sex couple in their advertising. And there are more. But it has dawned on me that we don’t have to do business with them. At the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, we are moving our accounts from Wells Fargo to another bank. And guess what—we don’t have to shop at Tiffany & Co., there are plenty of other jewelry stores. This is one way we as Christians can speak out—we have the power of choice. Let’s just stop doing business with those who promote sin and stand against Almighty God’s laws and His standards. Maybe if enough of us do this, it will get their attention. Share this if you agree.

Later he posted this:

Seventy-one years ago today, D-Day, more than 9,000 Allied soldiers were killed, wounded, or went missing at the invasion of Normandy. General Dwight Eisenhower called it a “great crusade” and said “we will accept nothing less than full victory.” This immense sacrifice established the foothold that would ultimately make the defeat of Hitler possible. What a tremendous debt we owe these brave service men and women. Join me in thanking God for our freedom and praying for our military still sacrificing around the world today.

This seems to be Franklin Graham’s views:

“Freedom for all Americans- as long as you’re heterosexual.
Freedom for all Americans- as long as you’re Republican.
Freedom for all Americans- as long as you’re a Christian.
Freedom for all Americans- unless you dare to ask for equality or challenge American Christianity in any way.
Support Family Values- but only specific types of families that we approve of.”

I’d like to hear Franklin Graham share his views with the countless LGBTQ and Atheist soldiers who fought and still fight for our freedom today. They died so he would have the freedom to make hateful rants on Facebook.

This kind of bigotry has made more atheists than Richard Dawkins ever will. And yes, it is bigotry. Believing something is sinful isn’t bigotry, but expecting everyone else to follow your religion is.

And they wonder why the younger generations are leaving their churches in droves.


25 thoughts on “Franklin Graham Calls for Boycott of Pro-Equality Businesses, Shows “Christian Love”

  1. The idea that things that were considered deplorable should now get you labeled as a bigot is true intolerance and gross contradiction. It seems heterosexual families are being forced to accept public schools conditioning their children into thinking being gay is an acceptable lifestyle. Goodbye humanity.

    • Believing something is sinful is not bigotry. However, expecting other people to follow your religion IS bigotry, as well as oppression. Why can’t you understand the difference? I don’t care what you believe or how you worship- but you have no right to use the legal system to deny me the same rights and legal protections you have. I’m not a Christian, so whether or not something is sinful doesn’t apply to me.

      America is the land of the free. That means freedom for everyone, not just Christians. Asking for equality is not shoving our beliefs down your throat, we’re just not letting you make the rules for the rest of us anymore. Christians are mad because they’re not able to control everyone else anymore.

      • Okay. Lets say Its not even a matter of religion then. Its simple anthropology. Men and women make children. Homosexuality breaks the circle of life. Humanity will vanish in a generation. Societies that have benefitted from the family, like post WW2 America, will see the opposite happen. Russia and Japan currently see their population aging and not being replaced because the family structure has been fragmented.
        Homosexuality will kill the family. That’s anthropology, not even religion.

      • Nope, nature proves you wrong. Homosexuality is found in thousands of animal species and they’re all doing just fine. It’s as natural as it gets. Homosexual couples adopt babies that straight couples can’t take care of, making it a perfect solution to overpopulation and the need for adoptive parents. If a God does exist, this seems like a beautiful solution to age old problems.

        Diversity isn’t something to fear, it’s an essential tool of nature. If we were all the same than our society would suffer.

        Only 10% or so of the population is gay. Saying the human race will die out because homosexuality exists shows a lack of understanding of human sexuality and reproduction. For example, I am bisexual. I can have children the old fashioned way, or by in vitro fertilization. Or I can adopt. My reproductive choices are vast. So no, the human race will NOT die out because some people like others of the same gender.

    • You want to talk about intolerance? Christians have hundreds of special rights and rules that NO other group has in the US, but you don’t want to allow LGBTQ people to get married or be safe from discrimination. You guys get all the special legal rights, but we don’t even get the basic ones? And yet WE are the ones pushing ourselves on YOU when we dare to challenge this unfair situation.

      Gives us equality. We don’t care what you personally believe about us or sin, that’s your business. We just want the same basic rights you have. That’s fair.

      • Granting rights to you will hurt traditional familys that are not even religious. Laws mean standards of public schools curriculum will change. Then your beliefs will become law and children indoctrinated in public schools.

      • And not giving us rights hurts families that may not be traditional, but are still families nonetheless. You don’t get to decide which families deserve rights and which don’t.

        Teaching children to accept those who are different from them, and to accept themselves if they are different, is a good thing. Why do you want children to grow up hating themselves or others?

        No one person’s beliefs are law. The law must respect ALL of us fairly. That’s why the law must treat us all equally, regardless of beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. The problem is that Christians only want certain people to have rights, the rest of them aren’t “worthy” in their eyes. But we are all Americans, Christians don’t get to choose who gets rights and who doesn’t.

      • I don’t have time to argue these issues with people who insist on spewing unfounded paranoid speculations instead of having a genuine conversation. You commented because you want to show me that you’re right and I’m wrong, but that’s not how people have a productive conversation. Both parties have to want to learn from each other. But you have no interest in learning, only trying to prove me wrong.

        I’m not going to give you a platform for your pointless and hurtful ranting. Please take your prejudice and ignorance elsewhere. When you’re ready to have a respectful and open minded conversation, I’ll be happy to talk to you then.

      • I can most certainly defend my position. But I don’t need to. You came to MY blog, where I post MY opinions, to tell me that I am wrong and you are right. I do not have to prove anything to you, you’re just a stranger on the internet.

        I have discussed this issue with Christians literally hundreds of times, including with my own loved ones who share your hurtful views. Hearing the same offensive arguments over and over again gets tiresome, especially when the other person makes it clear that they have no intention of considering my point of view. Why should I waste my time arguing with someone who doesn’t really want to consider my side, when I can engage in a respectful and positive debate with my Christian friends? I’ll discuss this issue with them instead, thank you very much.

      • Since you consider anything contrary to your vein of thinking “hurtful”, and ” offensive “, do you mind explaining how you came to that conclusion? Otherwise communication is impossible unless I agree with your way of thought.

      • No, I don’t care what you believe or think. Diversity of opinion is important and I regularly talk to people of all sorts of opinions. But based on what you’ve said and how, you seem to just want a platform to spread your anti-LGBTQ message. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how you sound on this end. I will not give you that kind of platform on my personal blog, you’re free to belittle us and blame us for society’s ills all you want on your own blog.

        Answer me this: What was your purpose for commenting here? This is your chance to explain why I should discuss this issue with you specifically.

      • I support the the opposite view and the right to challenge any public claim to the contrary in a free society. You claim you are a victim based on your claim homosexuality is not wrong and that religion is subjectively denying you certain rights. I claim we don’t need religion to show that homosexual behavior and lifestyle harms society, and I haven’t even talked about sexual addiction or sexual abuse that is prevalent in such lifestyles.

      • This is my personal blog, not a public forum. I decide what discussions happen and which do not on my own blog. You are free to express your disapproval on your own blog.

      • And now you’re shoving your Bible in my face, on my personal blog. And you wonder why I don’t want to talk to you?

        There will be no further discussion. Please leave my blog in peace.

      • I have no desire to go to your blog or to have further communication with you. I don’t feel the need to debate everyone who reads my blog and wants to throw Bible verses at me and blame me for all the ills in society. I’ll wait for people who actually respect me and want to hear my side and consider my point of view. I do wish you all the best.

      • Also, I’m not obligated to communicate with you in the first place. This is my blog, you came to me. You say and believe awful things about me and then wonder why I don’t wish to talk to you? How would you feel if I came to your blog and said hurtful and untrue things about Christians, then I claimed you had no defence when you understandably didn’t want to argue with me about it?

        I already have to defend myself to loved ones who think I’m an abomination and immoral because I’m not like them. I certainly don’t have to defend my beliefs and existence to a random stranger on the Internet. If I feel respected, I engage in discussion. If I don’t, I don’t bother. I’ve spent too many hours arguing with people who just want to parade their hurtful beliefs in front of my nose.

  2. It isn’t discrimination of it isn’t racial. You were not born bisexual. Therefore this is no more or less a choice than any other moral choice, good or bad. Choice cannot start being a basis for laws concerning race.
    To start granting those rights will mean an endlessly long line of other here-to-for un-thought of moral issues will be waiting for their day in court.

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