“I am an Atheist Because…” (Meme)

316ffa692584253996a1a475c0e25fa2“I am an atheist.

I’m not an atheist because I think it’s cool.

I’m not an atheist because of religious extremism or oppression

in some depraved corners of the world.

I’m not an atheist because I don’t think evil can exist in a world with a god.

I’m not an atheist because I think science can disprove god.

I’m an atheist because of one simple fact:

The Burden of Proof Lies on Religion.

If you propose the existence of something, you must follow the

scientific method in your defense of its existence.

Otherwise, I have no reason to listen to you.”

21 thoughts on ““I am an Atheist Because…” (Meme)

      • 1. The overwhelming consensus of the entire scientific community says so. Minor details of evolution are debated, which occurs in every accepted branch of science, but evolution itself is accepted as factual by the scientific community. Why on earth should I doubt their consensus?

        2. Evolution is the bedrock for other science. If we did not understand evolution and were not able to predict it, we would not be able to fight many diseases, such as the flu which evolves every year. Without our understanding of evolution, many of our vital scientific discoveries would never have occurred. Saying evolution is not true is like saying gravity does not exist; same amount of evidence proving it’s true, and without understanding them both we would not be able to make many scientific advancements.

        2. I used to be a very passionate creationist. For 10+ years I studied its claims, I had binders of printed articles that I thought disproved evolution- and then I finally researched evolution itself from scientific sources. I was shocked at how little creationists actually understand evolution, and how poorly evolution was represented in their arguments and articles. Most of the arguments against it don’t even make sense once you understand the basics. Some of their claims and arguments are outright deceitful.

      • On your first point, are you saying that because the concensus of scientists believe in evolution then so do you? You are simply taking it on faith without giving the evidence.
        On point 2. What you are describing is micro-evolution. I’m asking about macro-evolution. I’m just curious about the evidence to support it. Is there any?

      • No. Faith is believing without evidence. Scientists have given me lots of evidence. I don’t need faith, I just need to accept the evidence they’ve presented.

        I’m writing you a comment about macroevolution as we speak, just give me a sec.

      • I’m glad you’re gathering information, that’s commendable. But it’s not my job to compile the evidence for you. The evidence for evolution is incredibly easy to find, just google “basics of evolution” and you’ll find verifiable sources explaining it far better than I can in an internet comment conversation. If you like I can find one of these sources for you.

      • I don’t mind discussing it, but I don’t have time to find all kinds of sources for you right now. If I’d started this conversation then I would be hypocritical for not backing it up with sources. If you want to know what I think, that’s fine. But please understand that I’m not discussing this to convert you to my way of thinking. I’m just going to tell you what I think, not write a scientific paper on it.

        If that kind of discussion is ok with you then we can continue, but if you’re expecting me to single handedly prove evolution to you then I’m not the person for that right now.

      • I just made a comment on your post as I do sometimes. But when you claimed that I didn’t know what I was talking about I asked questions to see if you did and to learn you side. Didn’t mean to debate but as a Christian apologist it’s just my nature. Thank you for the discussion.

      • I grew up as a Christian apologist, I know what it feels like. I still have the debate gene lol. 🙂 I’m sorry if I overreacted, I’m moving in a couple weeks so I’m extra tired and everybody seems to want to debate every huge topic under the sun right now; it can get a bit overwhelming when you’re overtired. Like I said, I don’t mind discussing it, I just don’t have time to find sources for everything I say right now. If I write a blog about the evidence for evolution I will certainly include lots of sources.

    • Macroevolution is merely microevolution after it’s been occurring for thousands or millions of generations. The fact that you have brought up this argument shows you do not understand the basics of evolution. I don’t mean that to be rude, merely factual.

      For example:

      We start out with a species of lizard. One group leaves the rest to find a new home. Both groups are now isolated from each other, in different environments, with different survival needs. Over many generations, each group evolves small changes to better thrive in their environment (microevolution). Eventually, these tiny changes accumulate so much that the group that left can’t be called the same species anymore (macroevulotion). These tiny changes kept happening over time, eventually resulting in dramatic changes as they accumulated. We have observed this in process today; species that live in drastically different environments sometimes stop being able to mate with their cousins because they are too different from each other now. And yet both groups originated from the same species.

      Of course it often takes thousands or even millions of years for a species to evolve into another species, but we can still directly observe these changes in various stages happening all around us. We have extensive fossil records proving what’s happened in the past, which helps us understand the changes that species are currently undergoing. (eg we have fossils showing how fish evolved, and we can also directly observe more changes progressing before us now in modern fish. We can also make predictions on how they will evolve based on our understanding of the past.) But many opponents of evolution want to see a half duck half alligator, which isn’t how it works. Changes between generations are usually so tiny that it’s only noticeable after many generations have enhanced these changes.

      Microevolution and macroevolution are the exact same process; the different terms are just describing different stages in the timeline. We have to remember that major changes in species rarely occur quickly; usually they change slowly, in tiny variations, over a very long time. That is evolution. It is painfully slow, but it does occur and we have overwhelming evidence to prove it. Given enough time and variations in environment, many species will eventually change into something else.

      I do not believe things just because someone told me. I have extensively researched this for myself. Yes, I do trust the consensus of the scientific community, but I have also reviewed the evidence they have given me. My views are based on a combination of trust in the scientific community and my own extensive research.

      • Ok. I understand what you are saying but you haven’t given any evidence. You have just told me what happens.
        Are you saying that micro-evolution is the mechanism for macro-evolution?

      • What evidence do you want? Do you want me to find you links to all the studies and pictures of all the fossils? The evidence is easily accessible online, in libraries, documentaries, any science textbook, etc. All you have to do is Google “basics of evolution” and you’ll get mounds of evidence. I’m just explaining what I know because you asked me about it.

        My blog you’re commenting on wasn’t even talking about evolution, it’s about why I’m an atheist. I have no problem discussing other issues, but don’t chide me for not citing sources when you’re not even asking me about the subject of the blog you’re commenting on.

        And yes, it’s the same mechanism.

      • Do you realize that Darwinian evolutionist universally agree that evolution is true. But we don’t know the mechanism by which it works. Micro and macro Evolution are not directly linked.

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