Religious Leaders Challenge Degredation of Women (Link)

Now this is the kind of religion I can support and respect. I know I talk a lot about the abusive kinds of religion, and that’s because it’s a huge problem and it needs to be challenged; but I also like to acknowledge positive versions of religion too. At the end of the day, I don’t care what the motivation for their good actions and attitudes are; if they are kind and are working to make our society more fair for everybody then they’ll have my respect and teamwork.

The Food Babe’s Advice Could Actually Kill You

18922_1637305663156110_6558874080695737159_n“If the ‪#‎foodbabe‬ was just endorsing eating more fresh produce and a healthy diet, I’d be surprised if anybody had a problem with her. It’s a common misconception that I’m against healthy eating because I disagree with the Food Babe. Not even close to the truth.
She supports cancer treatments that have never been shown to work. People have died from eschewing conventional treatments. Her advice is dangerous.
-The Science Babe, found on her Facebook Page (emphasis mine)
PEOPLE ARE DYING. It’s not just frustrating that the Food Babe and others are peddling fake cancer cures, they’re promoting advice that can and does KILL PEOPLE.
Fake cancer cures result, at the least, in lost dollars spent on worthless “cures”. For some people this is a minor cost, but for others it’s far more. People have gone into debt or used up their life savings on these supposed treatments that don’t actually work. And some have eschewed real treatments for these fake ones- and they’ve paid the ultimate price for it.
Some people get better on their own. In this woman’s case, she had a 33% chance of getting better without real treatment. If she had survived, she would have claimed it was her “miracle cure”, even if that treatment had nothing to do with her recovery. Confirmation bias. But it didn’t work, just like real medical professionals knew it wouldn’t, and tragically she died. She could have doubled her chances of living- but because of these cancer cure scams, she died instead.
Why am I so against people like The Food Babe? Because she claims to be empowering people with knowledge, but in reality she’s using fear tactics and manipulation to spread her misinformation and willful ignorance. She claims to give them knowledge but is telling them things that could harm or even kill them. She puts her fans at risk and tells them lies in order to make money. And she’s somehow convinced millions that SHE is the one who’s been wronged, and that we shouldn’t trust experts in the field because chemists and nutritionists couldn’t possibly teach a computer engineer (her profession) anything about chemicals and healthy eating!
And what frustrates me the most is that there are people in my life who will believe anything she says, and if I dare to disagree, they will claim that I’m ignorant of the “true” facts and I’ve been “deceived” by Big Pharma. It’s like a cult, to be honest- as are many of these pseudoscience camps that people become obsessed with.

Girl Learns That Boys Aren’t her Only Option

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Funny, but also sobering. I grew up thinking my only options were boys too… I wish I’d had someone talk to me like this when I was little, to tell me that it’s ok to like either one or both. Instead I had to figure it out myself years later.

Illustration to be Handed Out at Public Schools: Human Bible Sexually Assaulting Woman

HolyBibleFFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation) is distributing a pamphlet called “An X Rated Book: Sex and Obscenity in the Bible” that talks about the disturbing and violent sex acts and practices described in scripture. The cover includes a lewd cartoon of a Bible with a human face sticking its hand up a protesting woman’s skirt. Yes, the image is disturbing, I don’t like it- but so is the sexual content in the Bible, which is being handed out to teens and children for them to read whether they’re mature enough to handle that kind of content or not. How can we decry this leaflet when the Bible contains horrific sex acts that children and teens are being encouraged to read? It’s a shocking tactic, yes, but I think it’s a necessary one.

Seidel said he believes the school district backed down from it position banning some of FFRF’s materials after realizing it could not legally keep FFRF from passing out materials while still allowing Bibles to be distributed.

“I think what they tried to say was basically we revisited our initial decision to censor the materials, and have reversed it. I think the reality is probably they were not allowed to do that,” he said. “They cannot approve the Bible, which is full of all the things that are in the pamphlet, and then say that our materials are somehow obscene.”

Read more and see the image here:

They can’t stop the pamphlet because it’s just reiterating what they’re already promoting and passing out in scripture. Calling it obscene would also be calling their Bible obscene. The only difference is that the leaflet highlights the sexual and violent content instead of hiding and ignoring it. But in both cases, students are introduced to the same graphic content.

“I think we recognize that it might upset some people, but the Bible upsets many, many non-believers, especially when it’s being pushed in the public schools,” Seidel said. “So really, all it’s doing is placing believers and people who are in the majority in the position that we in the minority have been in for a very long time, and are in every time the government espouses one religion over another. That’s what we feel like all the time.”

How does it feel to know that your children are being exposed to materials that you don’t feel are appropriate for a school to be promoting? Non-believers have been dealing with this for decades, and have been ostracized and bullied for daring to say anything about it. It’s about time that this practice was called out. I admit the image is a bit shocking and crass and personally I would have probably picked a different one, but on the other hand without this image it would never have attracted the media attention that it has. And sadly, change often doesn’t happen unless an injustice gets enough media attention. Sometimes you have to do legal but shocking things to point out the inequality and injustice of the system.

Perhaps in the future they will disallow BOTH publications, since both are inappropriate for children and teens to read without adult approval and guidance.

Why is Abortion Such a Big Deal in the US?

Why is abortion such a huge issue in the US right now? It didn’t used to be as controversial, and in many other developed nations it’s not controversial at all. Here are my thoughts.

1. Since Roe vs Wade, the number of women experiencing health problems and death from unsafe illegal abortions has plummeted into almost non-existence. Thus the risks of not having abortion legal and safe have been forgotten or overlooked by many abortion opponents.

2. There is a lack of empathy that is pervasive in the US. It’s seen in so many of these issues. “It’s all about ME- my views, my standards, my life. Who gives a shit if my actions and teachings hurt others- everyone else must live MY way!” My way or the highway. That’s how it so often works in the US.

3. American is obsessed with being at war- even with itself. Just look at our politics, it’s easy to see! We don’t just disagree, we alienate and demonize the other side so that we don’t have to consider anything that they have to say, even if they’re people we know and love. The debate over abortion, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, between political parties, against immigrants and atheists, etc. shows a lack of desire for peace and understanding. America lives for conflict… and when there is none, they create it. It’s an “us vs them” attitude that invades almost every issue. But this isn’t new. The Civil war showed the lengths Americans will go to in order to not work together. The states are always at odds with the federal government and with each other. There’s little unity or cohesiveness; we should be called “The Divided States of America”; it would be more accurate. After living in Canada for several years where people get along much better, it was easy to see just how messed up and divided the US really is.

4. These issues are distractions that are skillfully manipulated and promoted by political and religious leaders and the media (and I’m not talking about Obama!) If people are fighting each other over gay marriage and abortion and religion, they won’t notice their rights being eroded and they won’t see just how screwed up their country really is. Or if they do, they’ll blame it on the “gays”, atheists, abortion, or Obama instead of realizing that all of us fighting each other has contributed to the abhorrent state of our nation.

Anti-Abortion Groups Now Targeting Medical Schools

prochoice-292x300One of the most well-respected OB-GYN programs in the country could be forced to stop teaching its students how to perform abortions, if the North Carolina legislature ends up approving a piece of legislation that was introduced this month.

Tucked deep in HB 465, an anti-abortion bill that would restrict the procedure in several different ways, is an obscure provision that stipulates that “no department at the medical school at East Carolina University or the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shall permit an employee to perform or supervise the performance of an abortion as part of the employee’s official duties.”

Grimes called the proposed legislation to restrict abortion training “outrageous” and an “unwarranted intrusion” into doctors’ professional lives. “Some religious groups are also opposed to blood transfusions. So should the state legislature in North Carolina pass a law that would close down the blood bank at the university hospital?” he said.

Read the rest here:

Now they’re trying to stop doctors from even being trained to perform abortions at all. So what happens next? Women have to go to untrained doctors to get abortions, risking their lives and health? Before Roe vs Wade that’s exactly what happened- that’s when abortions WERE dangerous. Legal abortions are safe because doctors are trained and facilities are clean and regulated (abortion is currently far less risky than childbirth); but these so called “Pro Life” groups want to take us back in time to when women died because of unsafe illegal abortions. They don’t care about the risk to the mother, as long as the fetus lives… then when the fetus grows up and wants an abortion her rights evaporate. Where does it end? We’re already seeing women go to jail for “pregnancy misconduct” because their fetus has more rights than they do.

When it comes down to fetus vs mother, they both can’t have the same rights because a fetus is literally sharing the mother’s body. It’s not the same as an invalid or comatose person, because anyone could take care of them, but only the mother can grow the fetus. Giving a fetus the same rights as a mother is not fair because then the mother’s rights are automatically infringed upon. Until a fetus has been born, the mother’s rights must always take priority. Think that’s unfair? Imagine being literally forced to grow another human inside of you when you don’t want to be pregnant. Imagine how helpless and violated you would feel to lose autonomy over your body and entire life, being forced to endure risky childbirth and either give up a child or raise a child and have to give up your dreams of further education, that great career, etc. Some women are fine with that choice, but others are not, and it’s grossly unjust to force any women into a pregnancy that she does not want.

And no, having sex is not a contact to have children. Women are raped or pressured into having sex every day. And even consensual joyous sex is still not a contract for having children- birth control fails, passion in the moment happens, that does NOT mean the woman should be punished by being forced into motherhood.