What Offends Me? (Image)

1526751_733077626789360_2309781414408245475_nImage text: “I’m not offended by believers believing in God. I’m offended by believers trying to force others to live by the rules of the God they believe in.”

I would add that I’m also offended by believers belittling, shaming, or judging others for not sharing their beliefs.

3 thoughts on “What Offends Me? (Image)

  1. That last point gets overlooked a lot I think. I wonder how many people are out on street corners or at dinner tables “witnessing” because they were, shamed, guilted, or scared into feeling the need to do it. Then they think there’s something wrong with them when they don’t feel right about imposing their beliefs on others.

    • Yup! I used to be one of them. Its why I talk about religion so much- I don’t care if people believe in God but I do care about how they treat others and each other in the name of those beliefs.

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