Satanic Group Wants to Erect Statue, Christians Should Support Them

This is great.

Ben Moushon

At first glance you’d want to think the headline is a joke “Group Unveils Satan Statue for Oklahoma Capitol“.  Then as you read, you realize it’s for real.  Most Christian’s will start by feeling confused, then scared, and finally angry.  Sure enough the same people who claimed that Phil Robertson’s rights were violated will begin to write their congressman and petition and most likely start protesting.  While others who aren’t quite sure what to think will resort to “it’s time to start praying”.  However, despite the disagreement that the two groups have, Christians should stay out of the way and even quietly support the statue.  Here’s why:

1.  The same rights that allow Christian’s the right to protest and evangelize, are the same rights that protect every other religious and non-religious group.  If you want to continue speaking your mind in public, the same right must be given to…

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