Post of the Day – Male Genital Mutilation

Very well written.

Human Rights

Also known as male “circumcision”, but as a painful and unnecessary invasive procedure, often performed without the consent of the individual, I will refer to it as genital mutilation to keep the gender equity between it and the most common form of female genital mutilation.

While I have known for a while that the primary reason it is performed is due to religious reasons and cultural norms, not actual health benefits, my class text has enlightened me on some facts I thought were worth sharing.

1. Male genital mutilation is not as common as most Americans think. The global rate is only 20% (DeLaet, 57).

2. However, yes, the US does have the highest rate of any country at 60%, while Canada’s rate is around 25%, Australia’s is approximately 15%, and most other Western nations have much lower rates than this (DeLaet, 57).

3. Male genital mutilation is the most…

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