Morality vs Religion

Morality vs Religion

Morality is doing right, no matter what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told, no matter what is right.


5 thoughts on “Morality vs Religion

    • We all have to decide what’s right- and honestly people do that anyways even when they say they’re following a religion’s “unchanging” standards. That’s why there are so many sects and denominations, why Christianity has changed so much throughout history (eg Crusades). That’s why so many Christians disagree on everything- because in the end everyone chooses their own morality anyways. I would rather have someone think through their choices carefully and try to not harm others than blindly follow the interpretations of an ancient book that’s full of violence and injustice…

      • People will always argue over that question whether they are Christians or atheists. Following Jesus doesn’t mean you have an unchanging moral standard, Christianity has changed drastically over the centuries and is still greatly divided today on literally everything. Morality is based on empathy, not religion. I don’t kill you or steal from you because I know it would hurt you. Even many animals show a basic understanding of empathy. Humans choose whether or not to be moral, but the basic understanding of right and wrong- stemming from empathy- is inside all of us. In the end, wouldn’t you want someone to actively think about how their actions affect you, rather than just following rules that someone else made, regardless of how their actions hurt you?

      • I think we can both agree that killing a child is wrong. Why? Emotionally, my empathy for the child tells me that it’s wrong. Logically, the child is no threat to me and cannot defend itself, so it makes no sense. I don’t need religion to tell me it’s wrong. 🙂

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