Proof for God’s Existence? Part 2

5. “Unlike any other revelation of God, Jesus Christ is the clearest, most specific picture of God revealing himself to us.”

Rebuttal: How do you know? How can you prove that statement? You can’t. It’s wishful thinking and confirmation bias. Christianity borrowed much of it’s teachings from other religions, many more ancient than itself. Born of a virgin, having 12 disciples, preaching peace and love, savior from sin- all of these characteristics are not new or specific to Christianity.

But let’s say that this is true, and it’s the best picture of god revealing himself to mankind. I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt. All this proves is that humans are getting better at creating religions/deities that they can believe in. This is NOT proof of supernatural claims- it just shows the ingenuity of man.

6. “God answers prayer.”

Rebuttal: “God answers prayer in 3 ways: Yes, No, and I have something Better.” This is what’s known as confirmation bias: meaning that no matter what happens, it is seen as proof of their beliefs. Here are a few problems I have with the concept of prayer:

1. Why does god ignore the pleas of starving people overseas, children being molested by priests, families in the midst of domestic abuse, teenagers about to commit suicide? And yet he will answer your prayers to find your car keys, help you get over your cold, pass a test you studied for, help your favorite team win a game, or heal you (as long as you’re getting medical treatment). Either he’s really screwed up in choosing which prayers to answer and which to ignore, or maybe it’s all just random chance and the consequences of our own actions.

2. If you’re getting medical treatment, how can you say god healed you? You’re insulting the medical staff and the scientists who worked their butts off to save you. You may think that he gifted them with the ability to heal you- but why is that necessary in the first place if he can just heal you without medical assistance?

3. Christianity teaches you that you’re nothing without god. When you think you’re not capable of doing anything, then it makes sense to attribute all your success to god. But when you realize just how capable you really are, how people just like you accomplish those exact same things without prayer or by prayer to a totally different god, then you start to see how little it all makes sense.


Summary: I have yet to hear any solid evidence for the existence of god. Every argument I have heard is either applicable to any religion or is not verifiable.

But let’s say you could show me concrete, solid proof of YOUR god’s existence. In the case of most religions, I wouldn’t serve their god even if he was undeniably real- especially the gods of the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism)- because they are not worthy of any respect or worship. But that’s an issue for another post. 😉



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