Forced Motherhood…

Forced motherhood is female enslavement.

Fetuses are not babies.
Abortion is not murder.
Women are not incubators.

Abortion on demand and without apology!


I was raised to believe that abortion was wrong, no exceptions. I never bothered to look at the other side and investigate these claims until recently. I now think that an abortion should be a personal, private decision made by the mother, and I don’t think abortion is murder. I can’t pretend to be in her shoes, I don’t have the right to decide her life for her. I’m not trying to make you think that abortions are right or wrong- that’s something you’ll need to decide for yourself. But I do think that everyone should have that right- the right to make this decision for themselves and not be restricted based on someone else’s personal views.

Some people say that “a baby isn’t a punishment, it’s a blessing!” No, that’s not always true. Some women don’t want to have a baby, can’t safely have a baby due to medical problems, or don’t want to carry their rapist’s baby because in most states rapists can sue for visitation rights or even custody. And some women might normally want the baby, but they will lose their jobs if they take maternity leave and will probably have to go on Welfare. Then she will be judged for being a “leech on the system”. The USA is not a good place for most mothers.

It’s also ironic that many of the same people who oppose abortions also oppose proper sex education and birth control- the two things that have been proven to drastically reduce abortions. This drives me up the wall!!

I have absolutely no doubt that if men could become pregnant, there would be an abortion clinic on every street corner.


No trolling, please! Genuine dialogue for the purpose of mutual understanding is appreciated; debates are not. General comments are welcome.

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