Fallacies in the Anti-Gay Argument

I’ve heard a LOT of interesting and insulting arguments against homosexuality… here are a few of the main ones and my rebuttals.

“If everyone was gay, humans would go extinct.”

But everyone ISN’T gay, and never will be. Only 5-10% of humans are born with that a homosexual orientation. And it’s not “catching”, so saying it’s ok doesn’t mean everyone will suddenly become gay. This is a very unrealistic argument that is not based on facts, and it’s a common scare tactic used to promote anti-gay sentiments. Every couple in the world having 10 kids could also result in extinction when we exhaust our resources too quickly; but of course that scenario is ridiculous, right?

This also completely ignores the fact that we now have technology to compensate for this. We have surrogates and medical procedures that allow gay couples to procreate. This also doesn’t account for bi-sexual people.

“Sex is about procreation. Since gay couples can’t make babies, their sex isn’t ok.”

I don’t know about you, but when I’m having sex, babies are the last thing on my mind. 😉 Many people can’t have children or don’t want them, many people use birth control to stop this unwanted aspect of sex. Fortunately, sex is about more than procreation: it’s also about intimacy and pleasure. Reducing the act of sex to merely procreation greatly diminishes its beauty and multifaceted purpose. It is also greatly offensive to infertile or elderly couples who cannot procreate.

Gay people can make babies if they really want to. We have technology and surrogates that make this possible. Also, they adopt LOTS of children that straight couples can’t or won’t take care of, which solves a massive problem in our world today.

Sex for the purpose of pleasure, and pleasure alone, is completely normal and beautiful. I love sex! And that’s ok! We’re human beings with hard-wired sexual desires. Religious groups have always tried to relegate and shame human sexual desires and make them seem bad. As long as it involves consenting adults, there is nothing wrong with sex in whatever form people choose to enjoy it. Saying this is wrong is personal opinion, and legislation should not be based on personal opinion.

“Don’t change traditional marriage!”

Traditional marriage has already undergone many changes. Interracial couples can marry, a husband can no longer legally rape his wife, divorce is legal, women are not treated like property, marriages are based on love and are not arranged, etc. “Traditional marriage”, as we know it today, was fought for by activists who wanted equality; it’s not how things worked for most of history. It’s not really that traditional at all, actually. Now we’re seeing that another group needs to be included in our modified, improved idea of marriage. What’s the problem here?

“Marriage is a religious institution.”

A wedding ceremony CAN be religious. A legal marriage is not. You can get married in your backyard by a justice of the peace, or on a boat by the captain. Atheists get married every day, with nothing religious included in their ceremonies. Marriage provides legal protections and rights from the government- churches do not control or provide these things. Marriage CAN be a religious event if the couple wants it to be, but it doesn’t have to be. Religious wedding ceremonies are separate from the legal marriage.

“It’s not natural.”

What defines “natural” for you? What does that even mean? Many animals enjoy gay sex, so it’s not strange to nature. If you define natural as something that nature naturally does on its own, then you’d have to say that cars, pollution-causing power plants, and most of our other technological advances are unnatural.

But of course your gas-guzzling Hummer is natural, but being gay is not. Makes perfect sense. (face palm)

Just because something is natural doesn’t automatically mean it’s good. The “strong dominating the weak” is found all the time in nature, and so are many other unsavory things that we wouldn’t want to copy. And the reverse is also true: just because you may see something as unnatural doesn’t mean it’s bad. I personally think homosexuality is completely natural- but even if it wasn’t, that isn’t exactly a good argument. The “natural” argument makes no sense and is very hypocritical, in my opinion.

“Gay people are pushing their sexual orientation on me.” Or, “Gay people are bullying us.”

Asking for the same rights you’ve always enjoyed is not bullying. By that same logic, black people were bullying white people into giving them freedom and stopping racism. Asking for equality is not asking you to be gay, nor is it persecution for you to be asked to give someone else the same freedoms you have. No one is asking for a law that changes marriage to only include gay relationships- they’re simply asking to be included in it.

If anyone is doing the bullying, it’s straight people. For years gay people have been told that their desires and relationships are disgusting, unnatural, sinful, and that they do not deserve respect or equal rights. They’ve been disowned by their families, verbally harassed, and even beaten up by strangers. Some have been killed even here in North America. Employers can fire someone simply for being gay.

So when gay people finally stand up for themselves and say “That’s not fair, I deserve the same rights as you! And I’m tired of being harassed and oppressed!” Their oppressors have the AUDACITY to say that THEY are being bullied and oppressed! Forgive my language, but that’s pretty fucked up.

“The Bible says it’s a sin.” Or, “It’s just gross!”

No matter how much people deny it, most of the time these are the real issues. The other arguments are just a badly erected smokescreen for their fear, prejudice, or lack of understanding of their fellow humans. Personal beliefs or dislike is not a reasonable cause for denying someone equal rights, otherwise racism would have been justified.

Also, if you’re picturing gay people having sex and that grosses you out, that’s normal. Unless you’re fantasizing about people who turn you on, picturing people having sex can be very gross- gay or straight. If you’re not gay, picturing gay sex can feel just as gross as a gay person imagining straight sex. Maybe you can understand how they feel a little now.

There is a lot of debate on whether homosexuality is actually a sin according to the Bible. When I was a Christian this was a huge deal for me, and this video helped a lot. It doesn’t matter to me now because I’m an atheist, but for any Christians reading this I highly recommended it. It’s very respectfully presented by a knowledgeable person in a church setting.

Thanks for reading my vent. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fallacies in the Anti-Gay Argument

  1. This is a topic that interests me too! For my Sociology BA thesis (I know, I’m just an undergrad so maybe it’s not so big of a deal.. :p), I’m looking into individuals who identify as both gay and Christian, subcategorizing them into: (1) those who believe homosexuality to be a sin and voluntarily opt to live a life of celibacy, and (2) those who believe homosexuality to not be a sin and are open to a committed same-sex relationship. I’m trying to go in-depth in understanding how the two groups conceptualize their sexuality differently, and how they arrive at opposing theological conclusions on homosexuality even though they share the same faith. There’s still a lot of work to do, but I’m really excited about understanding the psyche and experiences of both groups better. 🙂

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