Why Lounging Pants Should be Acceptable for Every Occasion

Seriously, don’t you wish you were wearing these soft, comfy pants right now?

Although there are many social stigmas and tendencies that I would changes if given the magical opportunity, none cause me to sigh in pure rapture quite as much as the desire to have lounging pants made socially acceptable for all occasions.

Here are a few reasons why.

1. They’re actually comfortable. How many times have we suffered wearing uncomfortable clothes just because they look a certain way? I have frequents “ahhhhh” moments where I return home from being out of the house, put on my comfy lounging pants, and close my eyes in pure bliss. I am certain that many of you have felt this safe bliss.

2. They’re cheaper than dress clothes. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a new suit or dress when you can be much more comfortable in your gym pants? It’s so economical!

3. It saves time. Instead of changing from your dressy clothes into sweat pants, why not just wear them all the time?

4. Eco-friendly. Less clothes, less laundry- better for the environment!

5. You’ll work out more. Really, you will- you’re ready for the gym all day, so no more excuses!

6. Weddings! For those women who struggled with a huge, poofy, expensive wedding dress all day long for their wedding, you know how great lounging pants would have felt.

Apparently I’m not the only person who thinks the way! Check out these funky fashion ensembles that include comfy lounging pants:

pj-530x794 images fff


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