Who Am I?

Who am I?

I was once taught that I was a sinful, broken human being. I was worthless without God. I was incapable of doing good without him.

Without him, my life would be empty and pointless.

So when I started doubting his existence, I was worried. If I couldn’t manage to keep my faltering faith from finally dissipating in the light of logic and reason, what purpose would my life have? Wouldn’t I stop having a reason for living?

When the dust finally settled and my new godless worldview emerged, I discovered something very important: I still had purpose. I still had joy, and my life was fulfilling. And the more time that fills the space between my Christian life and my new non-theist life, the more I realize that I never needed god to be happy. I’d been told that he was the source of my happiness and purpose- and I believed it.

But I realize now what my purpose is- to live my life and make the most of it. It’s simple, yet profound. I need no creed or religious text to create this purpose for me, it’s just there inside of me.

My life is more fulfilling now than it ever was before. Instead of making a deity be the focus of my life, I have found fulfillment in my family, my friends, my art and music, my writing, the beautiful world around me, helping others, being the best person I can be, and so much more.

It’s more than enough to satisfy me for a lifetime- and that’s the point.

You don’t need a God in your life to give you purpose. If you lack fulfillment or direction, you need to stop and reflect on your life and your dreams. There is so much that we have to be thankful for, so much to live for, and so much to give us purpose.

So who am I? I am human. I am a person. I have feelings, desires, and dreams. One day I will become dust again, and others will rise in my place. I will forever be a part of this universe, my matter will simply transform in another form. I’m not talking reincarnation, just physics. Who said science couldn’t be beautiful or spiritual? J


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