Thought of the Day, Dec 1: Following Convictions.

People used to commend me for being myself and standing up for what I believe is right…

…until I stood for something they didn’t agree with, and became something they didn’t like.

Suddenly, it was no longer ok to follow my convictions.

Are you proud of someone because they truly stand by all their convictions, or because they’re standing by yours? Would you still be proud of them if their convictions took them to the other side of the issue?

That’s my thought for the day.



2 thoughts on “Thought of the Day, Dec 1: Following Convictions.

  1. Yes. I am proud of YOU, and of all the other people I know who were trapped in a system, but dared to question, and follow where the truth of the answers led them. I am inspired and my heart is full of admiration and gratefulness for them.

    • Thanks 🙂 Questioning is so important… I’m glad I am figuring out how to question now while I’m still young. I can’t imagine going through this at 60 or 70, after a lifetime of thinking a certain way. I have so much respect for older people who change their minds on things!!

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